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Conquering Cultural Stress

Dr. Murad has spent decades adding proof to his theory about preserving the body’s youthful qualities from the inside out. Most recently, as he pored over the scientific data he’d collected on more than 4,000 patients in the past 10 years, he made a surprising discovery: by maintaining a happy, carefree attitude and the youthful levels of cellular hydration we had as a toddler, we can age in a healthy fashion that allows us to look and feel as young as possible. Overcoming chronic negativity and “cultural stress” (the unnecessary, manmade stress we put on ourselves in our attempt to live up to everyone’s expectations that leaves us feeling isolated, anxious, and depressed) could be the most effective strategy in sustaining positive changes in overall wellness. People who lost the most weight, boosted their metabolism, improved their looks and skin health, and reported more energy, fewer issues with chronic conditions, and higher levels of happiness all shared one thing in common: lower cultural stress.


In Conquering Cultural Stress, Dr. Murad shows you how to:

  • Say goodbye to emotional, stress-based overeating to shed pounds
  • Improve your mood and productivity
  • Lower your Living Age by as much as 10 years
  • Make small lifestyle changes that have a huge impact on aging and well-being
  • Prepare easy, delicious, stress-reducing meals

And best of all, by following his simple, practical, three-step plan, you can actually build youth back into your cells and function optimally—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.